Student Check In

Registration, Counseling, Front Desk

Student Check In replaces the traditional paper sign in sheet with a more complete check in system. Register visitors, students and staff. Notify staff when someone is waiting for them. Show live displays of who is on campus. All of these while keeping the data for daily and/or long term reporting. The system runs on existing computers and can have multiple iPad kiosks to record lobby style sign sheet activity.

HIPAA Privacy is to protect everyone. Student Check In provides the security and documentation to comply with all HIPAA regulations.


Registration can often be overwhelming but Student Check In organizes everyone by time and reason for visit. Use a Kiosk or Mobile Check In to add students to a well organized display.

Student Check In helps counselors by sending a text message when a student checks in, notifying them immediately.


Counselors can be anywhere and get notified when a student checks in for counseling. Simple text messages let staff know when someone is waiting.

Student Check In at the front desk helps document visitors and the reason for visit. Print visitor passes on common labels

Front Desk

Front Desk can register visitors, vendors and students. Record exact time of arrival and departure. Print visitor passes using common label printers and labels.

When students are waiting in line for registration, you need a queuing system. Replace the sign in sheet with a complete student queuing system.

Replace the sign in sheet

Get a student queuing system

A paper sign-in sheet just isn’t enough to handle the volume of students and it’s hard to justify a person dedicated to greeting people upon arrival. Student Check In will alleviate the line and push the student information to each desktop. Staff now has an organized student list on their computer desktop. A typed name, time and reason for visit of each student are shown in an organized list. Each department or staff member can respond directly reducing wait times and improving customer service.

We automatically include the BAA required by HIPAA Rules

Business Associate Agreement included

In compliance with HIPAA Regulations, our system provides you with a BAA from the moment you login. All our systems are encrypted at rest and in motion. We actively track and maintain the policies and procedures required by HIPAA & HITECH

Features & Benefits

  • Keep track of visitors, vendors and parents
  • Keep track of late students
  • Live reports of who is on campus
  • Track Volunteers
  • Accurate Time Stamps of all check ins
  • Keep permanent records of all transactions
  • Track students in different locations around campus
  • Notify Counselor when student checks in
  • Free Training
  • Free Support

Displays show active customers

As customers sign in, the information is passed to the live displays. Staff members can acknowledge, message and check out the customers as they are taken care of. Each step is time stamped for management reporting and statistics.

The standard display shows everyone currently in your facility. Click acknowledge and check out as they progress through the visit.

All Check In systems include Free Training and unlimited support.

Free Training Included

Unlimited Support & Training

We are happy to get you started and get the most from a Check In System. As soon as your system is setup, we can schedule a short training call to walk you and your team through setup and the daily usage of our system. During this call you can ask questions, tailor the system to your business and get a real feel for how it's going to help organize your customers.

Talk with live people for Training & Support

Real Customer Service

We answer the phone!

We believe in real customer support!
Talk to a human and get your questions answered without delay.

Business Hours: 9a-6p Eastern


Check In Systems believes is real tech support with live people - We answer the phone

All Check In systems include Free Training and unlimited support.

Free Trial

No Obligation - No Risk

We are happy to give you a Free 14 day trial of the check in system software. Our staff will help you set up the system to fit your office and even connect your hardware. Many offices do not need hardware to get started as they use the Mobile Check In for visitors to sign in.

No Credit Card needed

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