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In every business, a Customer Queuing system will improve customer service response time and increase office efficiency. A simple Customer Kiosk allows the customer to register the minute they come through the door. The check in system automatically sorts the customers by the reason for visit and notifies the right person or department at their desktop. This means your customer gets to the right person much faster, improving response time

Apple iPads make great customer sign in systems! Now that the world is touch screen oriented on everything from cell phones to ordering systems, your customers expect technology. It’s a sign of great customer service.

We have touch screen sign in systems that fit just about any business. Take a look at the various sign in kiosks we have. If you don’t see what you are looking for please call us.

Replace the Sign In Sheet with a Apple iPad based Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch Screens are the latest technology to improve Customer Service! You can replace the sign in sheet with an Apple iPad or Windows based Touch Computer for a low cost, efficient Check In System. When your customer signs in they  can instantly communicate their name and needs without interrupting anyone. This information is automatically sorted and quickly sent to your staff. Your staff can then respond faster having the needs of the person up front. Customer information is stored for long term statistics and reporting giving management valuable documentation as to workloads and trends.

Apple iPads make great Sign In Systems!

Easy to use

Privacy for everyone

Low Cost

Readable Names

Accurate Timestamps

HIPAA Compliant

Medical Offices use Apple iPads for patient check in and registration

The Perfect Compliment to
EMR & Practice Management Software

As offices become more computer oriented the practice management will need to ensure that the systems work together without conflict. When choosing practice management software, EMR software, patient billing and electronic sign in systems a key factor is the ability to work together and be flexible to work with future medical software additions. Medical Check In is compatible with ALL patient management software and EMR systems. Since 2005 our systems have been improving patient services.

Colleges can efficiently sort students using an Apple iPad Sign In app

A Great way to organize
the registration process

When students arrive in the counseling office they can be sorted quickly. Staff can quickly see the queue, who’s next and what each student needs. What a great way to keep the process moving along.

Screens are;

  • Enter your Name
  • Enter Student ID
  • Choose a Reason for Visit
  • Thank You
Greet your customers with Apple iPad technology  and get them in the door faster!

Let them Shop while waiting for services
Increase Sales!

Instead of your customer waiting in line they could be shopping. Customers can sign in on a simple kiosk, giving their name and reason for visit, then move on to browse your store. Occupying their time will reduce their stress and increase your sales.

Screens are;

  • Enter your Name
  • Choose a Reason for Visit
  • Thank You

Now meeting the latest Government Standards

Check In Systems is committed to providing customers with a system that meets their needs. Our systems meet the new IRS standards for Offices of Social Services, Probation and Courts. We have the flexibility to change with the needs. Due to recent changes in laws our systems were changed to meet the new requirements and ask the right questions without loosing any performance or efficiency.