Integrated vs. Stand Alone Check In System

Our studies show that having a fully integrated system not only prolongs the patient visit but does not reduce office overhead. Here are some of the main reasons;

  • Having a patient, that does not feel good, enter information into your computer system often leads to mistakes that ultimately have to be corrected by your office anyway
  • Accuracy is key to getting claims paid fast. Having a person that is unfamiliar with your system and doesn't want to be there is not prone to accurate results.
  • Taking too long to sign in requires multiple machines and additional costs
  • Long interviews at the check in kiosk often requires the staff to stop what they are doing to go help the patient.
  • The cost difference between an integrated system and a stand alone is enough to hire an employee.
  • An integrated system often requires help from the staff to complete forms or understand the questions at hand. If patient does not have the answer to a question or have an insurance card on them they will not have the information to complete the sign in process. Not only does this stop other patients from signing in but this now requires staff to stop what they are doing and leave their post. The system is no longer more efficient than having the staff enter the information in the first place.
  • Using a stand alone system combined with a patient portal is much more efficient and cost effective. Patient Portals allow patients to update their information online BEFORE they arrive. The same software can be used by multiple patients without additional cost unlike the kiosk.



Stand Alone


$7,500 to $25,000



Required monthly maintenance due to updates of both practice management and kiosk software; additional annual cost over $1000 required

$399 Annual

Recurring Costs

Yes. Maintenance Required

Annual $399

Patient Check In Time

2 Minutes or more

15 Seconds or less

Units needed per 100 patients per day

Minimum 2 units per 100 patients due to sign in time

One unit can handle up to 400 patients per day

Time to Install

30 days or more

20 minutes

Tech Required to Install

Vendor must install; additional costs required

No tech experience needed

Update patient information

Can update in-house records only; does not integrate with insurance provider


Takes Payments

Yes. Requires 3rd party vendor for Credit Card and merchant fees


Verify patient information

Some do;Some don't
Fees apply


Shares information to workstations



Provides patient flow to all staff computers



HIPAA Compliant



Reduces Interruptions

Yes; if patient has all their info handy


Easy for patients

Yes; if patient has all their info handy