Try Our Demo Systems

You may log into our live systems using a demo user name and you will see the actual systems you would have in your office. Use the live displays, change the configuration, make some manual entries and more.

At the login page, Use "demo" in all three boxes.

To login, go to one of the following;

If you already have an iPad ...

You can also download our app from the app store and connect to your favorite system. This will allow you to see how the kiosk looks and interacts with the back end.

To connect an iPad;

  • Go to the App Store on your Apple iPad
  • In the upper right box, Search for the app of your choice
  • Install it & Run it
The entries will be sent from the app to the secure server where you can review using the displays.

If you already have an Touch PC ...

Using a Windows PC is easy also. You can use these instructions for a touch PC or for testing, use a regular PC with a mouse. You would not use the regular PC and mouse in a real environment.

To connect a Touch PC;

  • Go to a command prompt
  • Type the following, including the quotes
  • "c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" -k ""
  • Use the word "demo" in lower case for the system id and password

If you have questions ...

Please feel free to call us and we can walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

727.578.6100 Phone

800.971.8871 Toll-Free