Customer Check-In

Customer kiosks to improve organization and staff response times

If you are in customer service, you know how customers expect fast service. With a check in system your customers can sign in and notify the right staff member immediately. This makes for faster response times. A customer kiosk will collect the name, reason for visit and an accurate time stamp of arrival. The queuing system organizes customers by time and needs then presents the active list on your computers.

kiosk name screen kiosk ask reason for visit

Retain Customer information for office efficiency analysis

Having a record of your customers and their needs over time will give you real time information about your business, office and staff. While you may know you are busier on a certain day, do you know exactly what percentage of your business is on that day? or what hours are slowest? Do you know what customer needs take the longest to serve?

With a customer check in system you will have a record of each person, their needs and accurate time stamps of the visit. You will also know who served them and how long it takes. This is valuable data to help make your business more cost efficient. This is real data, not just estimates. Documentation of your performance.

Touch screen kiosks have brought advanced technology to a simple process.

In today's times it is rare to think of a new way to solve a basic task. For generations, touch screen technology was just too expensive, making it hard to justify replacing the paper and pencil sign in sheet.

With the latest touch screen tablets comes a new generation of devices that are being put to the simple tasks of our offices. They are inexpensive, low maintenance and easy to replace. Apple iPads and Android tablets are less than one tenth the cost to own compared to PC style touch screens. We use these latest devices to build an easy to use, patient kiosk.

Electronic Sign In Sheet vs. the Clipboard

The clipboard must be near a receptionist. It can only be read by an individual nearby. The information is only usable by that one person. To make it worse, the information is often unreadable. When you want to recall something from the paper it could take hours or even days to find what you need. Cheap...yes, Electronic sign in sheets solve all these issues.

A Check In kiosk can be placed closer to the front door. This separates your desk and allows your private conversations to be uninterrupted by incoming patients. Having the sign in sheet away from the front desk also reduces interruptions. interruptions cost time and money. We are not taking away the personal interaction but rather focusing it to the proper time. Once you call the patient, you are ready to have that personal time without being interrupted.

With and electronic sign in system your data is stored as long as you need it. With a name, reason and three simple date and time stamps, we can create reports to help analyze and manage your office efficiency. The data shows volumes by date and time, wait times for each person and reason, and allows you to evaluate office and staff performance.